Built Between Everyday & the Wave.
At Sea Aire, we make laid back clothes for women who love to surf, skate and paddle. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality made from sustainable fabrics and processes.

Sea Aire gives 1% of proceeds back to environmental protection and human rights organizations.

Sustainable Surf

As surfers ourselves, we have infused our love for the ocean, land and people that inhabit it, into everything we make.

Meet Sea Aire

Spring 2019

We're sewing, surfing, sketching and skating our way to production.

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Sea Aire's Journey

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Sea Aire

We want you to feel as much like a surfer on land as you do in the water. Our Sustainable women's surf wear is laid back, made from eco-friendly fabrics and processes and built to take you effortlessly Between Everyday & the Wave.

Aloha, we like you already.

Pardon The Sand...

We are preparing to launch our first line.