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Sea Aire

Built Between Everyday & The Wave.

At Sea Aire we make laid back, sustainable women's surf wear for people just like us.
Women who are active, independent, beautiful and often, salty.

Stylish, comfortable and good for the environment, we hope that our clothes allow you to feel like a surfer on land and not just in the water.

We are what you wear everyday, between the waves.

Sustainable Surf & Sea Aire

Sea Aire apparel was born from the waves of Florida, grew on the beaches of Hawaii and became rock solid in the volcanos of Bali. Our love for the lands we've seen and people we've met constantly lights our fire to drive the change to more sustainable practices in surf culture.

As fellow surfers, the damaging effects of pollution on our people, oceans and wildlife is heart breaking. As surf style obsessives and fashion lovers, having our industry be one of the top sources of that waste is maddening. We want to have it all - a better, safer place to live and clothes we love to play in.

That's why at Sea Aire, our heart beats for every living thing.
To create our sustainable women's surf wear we use only natural, organic and recycled fibers, low impact dyes and most importantly, fair wages and humane working conditions for all people along the path of production. Have a question about our practices? Ask it!

We are proud to give 1% of all proceeds back to environmental and social rights organizations.

Meet Our Founder

Allie Argo: outdoor enthusiast, feminist, salt water veins, designer.

Everywhere: @allieargo

Meet Our Founder

Coming Spring 2019

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