DG Expo | Nov 2017

DG Expo | San Francisco | November 19-20, 2017

I had heard, in blogs and books, that the manufacturing and textile industry was a bit behind the times. Don’t expect to find what you need online, they said. This is about relationships and visiting places in person, they said. THIS IS THE AGE OF THE INTERNET!! I cried, as I flailed on the floor hopeless.

Needless to say, I think “they” were right. 🙁

So after months of searching and pinning and searching again, I thought, surely this isn’t everything that is out there? (hint: it’s not)

I have also been reading that starting with a fabric that can be ordered when you actually go into production (many months later) is key. Too many times textiles are sold out or out of production by the time you make it from sample to production. But for me, if I am going to have to start with a fabric that speaks to me and tells me what it wants to be, then I need to see that fabric face to face. No snapchat filters, no Tinder glamor shots, I need to touch you in real life, fabric.

Long story short, I finally followed the advice of the wise ‘ol “they”s and booked a ticket to San Francisco for the DG Expo. (If you don’t know, the DG Expo is built for small designers building companies and requiring small minimums or in-stock fabrics.) I’ll be posting about the Expo to our Twitter & Instagram accounts, so if you are curious, follow us @SeaAireApparel on both to get the updates!

Have you been to the DG Expo before? I would LOVE your tips! Give me anything you’ve got!


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