Finally, Outerknown Women’s Collection Launches

My obsession with Outerknown runs DEEP. It’s the first brand in a long time that I have fully identified with and that was when they only made men’s clothes. But FINALLY, today is the day when the Outerknown women’s collection launches.

I just so happen to be wearing my shaka T-shirt today too. Maybe in my subconscious I remembered that March 12th was the day for the launch. When I received the email announcing it this afternoon, I immediately clicked to check it out.

First Reactions

First reaction is…. a little boring? I know they said it would be basics, but when they tout “colorful” I think I expected a little bit more, well, color.

On the bright side, Outerknown’s mens clothes are comfortable, high quality and feel like they will last forever without wearing out or going out of style. Those aspects are some of my favorite parts of their brand (besides the sustainability aspect of course), and the women’s line is absolutely following those same things.

Favorite Piece of the Outerknown Women’s Launch

Hands down – that jumper. The “S.E.A. Suit”

I have been DREAMING of a pilot-meets plumber-meets sexy millennial girl, jumper for years. And this one just about nails it on those skinny models. However, those skinny models are shaped nothing like me… so whether it will actually fit my figure is debatable. Having the option to narrow the waist a bit with the buttons at the sides might help though, and I do love that detail!


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