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Outerknown only makes mens clothes.

Did you honestly expect that to stop me?

Co-founded by the legendary Kelly Slater and creative genius John Moore, Outerknown has perfect style and an intense ethical mission that make it impossible to ignore in your inbox or Instagram feed.

Outerknown Shakka T 2

Brand Spotlight

As we work diligently behind the scenes to bring the very first Sea Aire Apparel collection to life, we thought it would fun to shine a big, bright, spotlight on some of our favorite sustainable brands and products.

We hope to spread the eco-love and give you a chance to get to know our style and brand a bit better.


Outerknown - "For People and Planet" is the real deal. You'll be hard pressed to find another surf brand with this many organic, recycled, and sustainable options. They nail it with focusing on the entire supply chain, from fiber to workers to society by joining socially responsible movements.

A perfect example is this "The Only Gun You Need" Tee, with 100% of proceeds going to support Everytown Gun Safety. Fiber content is either 100% Organic Cotton or a 50/50 blend with recycled polyester.

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It's been sold out for weeks, keep checking back if you want to pick one up for yourself.

Outerknown Shakka T 3 - Brand Spotlight - Sea Aire Apparel

The organic cotton used in my Outerknown Shakka Tee is INSANELY soft and so light weight that it has an effortlessly chic hang. I'm not exaggerating when I say this is my new Go-To with black skinny jeans and magenta Vans.

Or better yet...

Outerknown Shakka T - Intro Sea Aire Apparel

My succulent little Veja kicks from the previous Brand Spotlight. They happen to match perfectly with their un-dyed, natural cotton colors.  It's Love.

Technically, Outerknown only currently makes mens wear. Which means basically nothing in this day and age. Visit their site, buy the shirt, look like a badass.

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Got a favorite product or brand?


Seriously, checking out other rad people making cool stuff is our favorite past time. And then maybe we'll feature it in a future Brand Spotlight. Who knows?

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- Al

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