Sourcing Textiles in The Digital Age

The internet. The IOT.

I love it, ordering average goods on Amazon at any moment I think of it. Every time I do it I sigh with relief and satisfaction. Dog food, check. Protein powder, check. Even board games, check.

So, I expected fabric sourcing to be wildly easy too, I mean all those old school sourcing books can’t be right about the issues of sourcing, right? Wrong. Sourcing in the digital age is basically the same as in the 70s.

The biggest issue for me, as a designer, is that I want to FEEL a fabric. I want to see how it drapes, how it feels in my hands, the sturdiness or the softness. You can’t see any of this on a photo on the internet. You also basically get no info about the exact fiber content, where the fabric came from or how it was made. When looking specifically for sustainably made fabrics that have a clear supply chain, this presents a world of issues.

Doing the right thing is hard. Going against the grain to make a change in the industry, also hard.

So, how do we do it then, how do we find a fabric that creates an epic design you can love and that portrays your brand exactly how you envisioned? If you have an idea, I’d love to hear it. If not, I’ll post the answer as soon as I figure it out.



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