Sustainability and Surfing

The relationship between sustainability and surfing has always seemed inherent to me. A huge part of what made me take a closer look at my actions and consumption was the pollution, death of wild life and building expansion that seemed to encroach on my favorite blissful beaches.

I've had this hunch and internal draw toward sustainability for myself, and it has been a driving force in creating Sea Aire and giving surfers like myself (and you) a sustainable and fashionable apparel option. I feel like following this North Star has received a bit of validation today through the first scientific study to test the relationship of sustainability and surfing by our friends at SustainableSurf.orgPlymouth Sustainability and Surfing Research Group, and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. is on a mission to save our oceans by transforming the surfing industry. The best part - they are ACTUALLY DOING IT. No fluff, real action.

Anyway, I highly encourage you to take a look at the study. Then feel a good warm hug from Mother Earth, thanking you for playing in her waves, loving her sun and helping to preserve both for generations to come!

- Al

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