Brand Love: Veja Shoes

Veja Shoes,
You had me hooked at Natural Amazonian Rubber.

Veja Shoes | Brand Spotlight

Veja Shoes

Veja is a European shoe company whose entire ethos is around sustainability and helping to repair the damage we have done with manufacturing.

AND they look SO damn good doing it.

The moment I spotted these gems on Mod & Ethic Co.had to have them.

Veja Shoes | Brand Spotlight

Amazonian rubber, sustainably sourced silk and leather, fair trade construction.

Be still my heart.

Honestly, I never thought I would own shoes with SILK on them. Much less bright, vulnerable, baby pink silk.

Veja Shoes | Brand Spotlight

But supporting the cause and looking fly as hell is well worth all of the tip-toeing I have to do to keep my first (and definitely not last) pair of Veja shoes spotless.

See, you don't have to look like a homeless gypsy to wear sustainably made clothes and accessories. Exhibit One: Veja.

Veja Shoes | Brand Spotlight

P.S. you are likely to notice from the grit on the sole that these have definitely been worn, many times. That's because they not only look great, but they are insanely light and comfortable.

That sustainable leather molds to your foot over time, giving you the perfect fit. And the Amazonian rubber is light as cloud with plenty of spring to keep that pep in your step well after your last cup-o-joe.

Sea Aire Tested, Real Life Approved.

P.P.S. Check out how perfect they are with Outerknown's Shaka Tee on Insta. 


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